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Yes we are. We are Click2Scan Ltd - registered in England, 6143469 with our main office at 6 Whitworth Road, Frome, BA11 4BY. Our corporate web site is www.c2s.co.uk where you will see we create solutions costing tens of thousands of pounds so you are quite safe placing an order for £24.99 or £5,000. To take credit cards or PayPal we have to be vetted by the providers. We have been in business since 2007.

The service you offer

Use the pricing calculator to build up an order. You can "Add to Cart" at the end and then checkout and pay. You will get an order number and instructions on where to send your order.
  • Price it up using the calculator
  • Add your calculator to the Cart
  • Checkout and Pay
  • Send us your photos (slides, negs etc) and make sure you write your order number and name on the box / clearly inside.
  • We scan everything and then send everything you have asked for back to you.
There is a menu item that says "Pricing". Click that for a quick overview. Photos are 15 pence each, slides 49 pence each, negatives 45 pence each, Photo album pages £1.75 each, irregular slides or negatives are £2.50 each. The pricing calculator is where you price up your job though.
Firstly we have a Fast Track service for loose photos. This is a 2 day service. We can't guarantee timescales. Orders can be returned the next day or 6 weeks later. It is wholly dependent on how busy we are. As a rule, smaller orders - loose photos, less than 1000, tend to be processed within 10-14 working days. Slides can take longer. Its unusual for us not to return an order within 4 weeks regardless of what it is. Bear in mind public holidays and weekends when forecasting how long we might take. We only work office hours, Monday to Friday.
We will provide you with a disk or memory stick of standard JPG (jpeg) files that you can use on any PC or Mac. We create one jpg file per scan and you can use this for whatever your need - photo books, slide shows, photo album software, etc.
We won't reproduce your photos, publish them anywhere or take ownership of the digital images. They are yours and will remain that way. We have scanned for thousands of customers, some with a very high profile.
Yes. We actively encourage you to keep your photos in their original wallets or envelopes. Keep them clean. We will create a folder on the "disk" for every envelope so what you get back closely mirrors what you sent. Please do not though present us with envelopes of less than 25 (ish) photos. The original packs were 24 or 36, so keep to that please. If we have to open loads of sealed envelopes to find 2 or 3 photos, we will have to charge extra.
Any photo thats part of an original pack of photos (pack of 24 or 36 or APS) that hasn't been glued into an album or stuck on a board.
Slides, negatives, loose photos, album pages, big prints, small prints, odd shape prints. We can scan anything. Use the pricing calculator to find the type of media you have. We don't do any printing. Just scanning, so you get back a digital image per photo. We can scan slides and negatives of any size. We cant scan any unprocessed film though.
Yes. It is £25 for scanning/non-shipping work. We have to take VAT off of this so apologies if you only have a small number of photos to scan.
No we don't. We can scan the photos - all sizes - but not APS film as this is a wet process.
All photos are charged at the published price - 15 pence. Return shipping will be charged at whatever the cost is at www.parcel2go.com or www.interparcel.com - whoever is the cheapest. You must ship to us at your expense. Although at checkout the international shipping price will be charged at 35 GBP we cannot guarantee this will be the lowest price and you ship to us in the knowledge that you will pay any difference.
Yes we can. However, as these take us a lot longer to prepare your albums for scanning we must charge extra for this. We will call you to discuss this prior to scanning your order.
Have a good guess and place an order anyway. Once completed we will know the exact total. If you have underestimated, we will issue an extras invoice and you can pay this online easily. If you have over estimated, we will refund the difference.
Not telling you. So many people have tried to blag this information from us so they can do it themselves or set up their own business - good luck with that! We have the best service available by doing good old fashioned research and development. By buying different scanners and testing them out, we have settled on the best there is, and that's all we are prepared to say.
We can fast track up to 1,000 photos on a 2-day service. Say you place an order on a Monday and we receive them the next day, Tuesday. We guarantee getting them back to you by close of play Thursday. This means we will probably zip them up and email you a link to download them and then send everything back by courier. It also means that you can Fast Track say 500 of 5,000 photos. Perhaps you have an event you need them for. Our team will get the important ones you highlight to us first and then send on the rest. Bear in mind we offer no service-level agreement on standard orders. It can be anything from a few days to a few weeks depending on how busy we are.
Yes. The team are grown-up and not prudish but please don't send anything too overtly pornographic. We do provide complete discretion. However, if we receive photos that are quite clearly illegal (child abuse, etc.), we will have no hesitation in reporting this to the police.
No. We have a responsibility to our staff not to have them traumatised or offended by the content. We have received photos of a hideous nature in the past - decapitations/brutality to animals, etc., and we draw the line and say "No more". Not under any circumstance.
You get a scan of the album page - one Jpg file of the page and if you select cropping you get an individual jpg of each of the photos on the page.
You get back a DVD per tape. Regardless of what's on the tape. If there is 3 minutes of you making a speech and 2 hours 27 minutes of a 1984 omnibus edition of East Enders - bonus - you get all of that as well. You can use a program like Handbrake - which is free to convert the DVD to a computer format like Mpeg. We don't offer that as a service though as it's tediously time consuming.


£9.99 for UK Mainland. When you use the pricing calculator, there are various options for shipping. Make sure you select the right one for you.
To the address on our website - C2S, 6 Whitworth Road, Frome, BA11 4BY DO NOT SEND THEM ANYWHERE ELSE!
We can collect your order for £15.99. If you spend over £150 collection is free. Otherwise, send your order to us at your expense.
Use a tracked service. As a minimum choose Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. Better still, Special Delivery. If you have something big and heavy to send us, use Parcel2Go.
No. So please don't send on a Friday by Royal Mail. If you do send your order this way, we will attempt to collect the order from our local Royal Mail Depot. Otherwise we will attempt to re-arrange the delivery, which can take approximately 2 days. If you have ordered Fast-Track, This starts from the date that we receive your photos, and so correcting the shipping will add to the turn around time.
Yes. There is a return shipping option with UPS and that is to return your photos (your entire order) with the return media you have selected (disk / flash drive). Don't select a download and a cheaper "No return shred and upload" if you want to receive your photos back. Please choose the return shipping option that is relevant to you.
Nobody has ever lost a photo sending them to us, and we haven't lost any sending them back. Everyone's photos are precious and you can read our testimonials to see that we do a fantastic job. As long as you send your photos using a tracked service, there is no reason to worry. We may even be able to collect your photos ourselves, especially if you have a large amount and are in the south of England.
Yes, of course. Our office hours are: 9 - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and the address is Click2Scan Ltd, 6 Whitworth Road, Marston Trading Estate, Frome, Somerset, BA11 4BY. Please have an order form completed and treat it as a drop off only - we don't have the time or the space to consult with you. This is a web service, so please do all of your research and pricing first. We don't have a "while you wait " service either.
Our free collection for orders over £150 assumes one box in the UK. For every box we get charged by UPS and our collection charge is £10 per additional box. Please make sure you have a separate label from us for every box. Better still try and rationalise your boxes to the minimum possible, but still manageable.
Yes, the shipping calculator includes worldwide shipping pricing. We will relay onto you any additional shipping prices though. Although at checkout the international shipping price will be charged at 35 GBP we cannot guarantee this will be the lowest price and you ship to us in the knowledge that you will pay any difference. Courier charges can be calculated at www.parcel2go.com
The nearest post office is 2 miles away. We would need to drive, park and then queue up each day for goodness knows how long. Our couriers come to our office twice a day. When Royal Mail offer that service, we will gladly switch.

Preparing your photos

Yes. If you present them to us in a set order, we will scan them in that order. We cannot guarantee an exact ordering as we sometimes have to scan small photos or larger photos on different scanners but we will do our best. We recommend you place the photos in big bundles and number them. Our best customers will supply their photos in say a shoe box and then use paper separators which are numbered. We prefer this. It's easy for you and us.
First, always keep them clean. We want batches or envelopes of photos (no fewer than 25). We don't want one photo in one envelope. We will charge extra for this. We recommend placing large orders in shoe boxes which are perfect for photos. Keep slides and negatives in their original holders. We aren't precious about keeping photos in size order but don't put tiny photos in the middle of batches. Always put them at the front of the bundle.
Write on the back in a highlighter or gel pen so that the ink transfers onto the front of the next photo. That's a great way to ruin your photos - so perhaps don't do that if they are precious to you. We write this because we cringe when customers do this. Please don't do it. No felt tips OK?
Yes. No fewer than 25 photos per envelope. We will charge an admin fee if you send fewer than 25 per envelope as it takes a lot longer for us to process them. However, this doesn't mean you should send your photos in envelopes. The best solution is always a shoe box if you have the volume, with separator cards if you want them. Alternatively if they are in original processing envelopes - you know, the things they came back from Boots/True Print in - leave them in there. They will stay clean that way.
Yes. We will scan them in order and create folders for you as well - provided there are no fewer than 25 photos per bundle.
When you place your order online, you get an order number. Make sure this goes on your packaging or inside the box. If you don't identify your order in a logical way, it will be received and sit on our shelves until we hear from you and you can describe it to us.
Every time a customer has sent their larger orders in plastic tubs they seem to get damaged in some way. We recommend you always use cardboard boxes as they withstand the bumps of the courier's lorry and conveyor belts. Our main concern is for you not to lose your precious photos through inappropriate packaging.
They need to be removed to be scanned. If you don't take them out, we will have to and charge 5 pence per photo to remove them as it slows us down somewhat.
Loose photos? Yes. You can send anything from passport size upto A4 and we will treat them as loose photos. However, keep them in size order Don't secrete a tiny photo in the middle of bigger size photos, just so you think they need to be scanned in order. Order is a state of mind! (and can easily be changed with the filename anyway!!)

Scanning quality

We used to offer 300 dpi for scanning but now only offer 600 dpi. This is the perfect resolution for today's devices and is the right balance between quality and filesize.
It's high fidelity. The images will look the same as the photo. If your photo is old and faded the scan will look the same. If it's crisp and sharp, the scan will be the same. 600 dpi is the right balance of practicality and quality.
Really. A glossy magazine is printed at 300 dpi. Does that not look sharp enough for you? Anything over 600 dpi is pointless as there is no benefit. Photo books don't require high resolution unless it's a tiny image and you plan on producing a poster - which isn't ideal anyway.
We use superb slide and negative scanners and choose 2400 dpi as standard. There is an option to upgrade this to 4800 dpi. 2400 dpi is a good balance.
No. We really didn't get the benefit and the extra cost and time isn't worth it.
No. That's a print process made up of Cyan, Magento, Yellow and Black. Scanners use three lights - Red, Green & Blue - so we use RGB scanners.

Disks and returning images

Unless it's brand new and in the packaging, we have to say no. Reason being we can't take the risk of having our network infected by a virus inadvertently received from customer media.
The disk is just the medium of transport to get the photos back to you. To us, we choose a DVD as it holds more photos than a CD. Unless your computer is running Windows 95, its unlikely you will have difficulty reading a DVD. Please don't assume a DVD will play on a DVD player as it is a data disc for your computer.
This is an option on the return media and the charge is as published on the pricing calculator
Click the link in your email and download the zip file we have created you. Watch your browser and you will see the zip file being downloaded. If using Windows it will almost certainly be in your downloads folder. Mac is the same. Now double click the .zip file. There should be an option to extract the photos. Select this option. The photos will now be extracted to a location you choose. That's it. There is no need to download the zip again. We get an email every time you download it so be kind to us. 27 times is still the record from one customer!
Yes. We offer that as an option. You can buy one, or three, as options we offer. Please remember though that we are charging for the time to burn these disks, not for the actual disk. Our advice is to get the images back. Copy them to your computer and then burn as many disks as you want. You can then distribute to your family as you need. Also, bear in mind, many people are using devices without disk drives so why not try zipping them up and emailing them on or publishing a website for them to view. There are lots of services out there - just Google "share my photos".
Not necessarily - the DVD is just a medium of transport from us to you. Do not confuse this with the thing you got from Blockbuster and played on your TV. They are two different formats. The Disk we provide is for your PC / Mac and just holds images we have scanned. You can use these images to create your own playable slideshow DVD using software on your computer.

Slides & Negatives

Definitely pricing per frame. We assume you will have negatives in strips which makes scanning a bit faster but we charge per frame so a strip of six "photos" would be 6 x our price.
Of course. You will get a very high-quality true representation of the actual photo as if the negative had been printed. The scan is basically what you would get but on screen of course.
Yes of course. I would hope our website makes it quite clear that this is the service we offer. If the question is around the quantity, then we do have a minimum charge which is £20.
Sorry no. Anything that slows us down or costs us time will cost you more. For the amazing rate of 42 pence per frame, we have to load the whole strip and scan whatever's on the strips. Similarly, we can't handle individual cut frames and be expected to offer the same low price.
Negatives don't fade so if you have them, negatives are better but they are slower to scan so we charge more. If money is no object go for negatives. If you have good photos then have them done instead.
Yes. Standard negatives are smaller strips approx 35 mm. Anything else we classify as Medium Format.
35 mm negatives come in nice neat strips that we can load into a holder and as such provide attractive pricing at 42 pence each. If your negatives are too big for our holders then we have to treat them individually and that takes time. We then classify everything else as Medium Format and the pricing reflects the extra scanning and preparation time.
Yes. Provided we can pass light through them, we will be able to scan them for you and provide jpg images back. The pricing calculator


We can but you will need to prove you own the copyright. Unlikely you will have it though. Gilman & Soame are one of our customers. Check on their website as you can buy most school photos from the past.
You almost certainly don't own the copyright, so no.
No. You don't own the copyright as your name isn't Mr Haynes.

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