About Us

Our specialisation is the big, complex order. Mixed orders of albums, photos, slides and even artwork. We have a range of scanners so no matter what you have the chances are we will be able to scan it for you.

It’s worth bearing in mind, that if you’re about to send off your precious photos to a third party company, like us, you may want to be reassured of who you are sending them to . So we are pleased to tell you a little about us, who we are and what we do. Did you know that some of the other photo scanning services are actually sending off your precious photos to a centralised factory in France? Not exactly a personal or caring service! Our customers can be reassured that you will get back quality images without any of the notorious green streaks that photo scanning can produce.

Click2Scan was started by a husband and wife team back in 2007. ┬áThe business has grown quite alot since then but the core principle of our photo scanning service remains the same – offer a great service, with great quality at an affordable price.

The Photo Scanning Service happened by accident really. Martin Peirce used to work for Canon, and one weekend borrowed one of the big scanners, and digitised all of his old family photos. He readily admits he didn’t do that good a job of it but nonetheless it was great to have all the photo together on the home computer so he could create some albums and pull together old wedding photos, kids baby pictures, 90’s holidays and so on. Like everyone else at the time, he was using a digital camera, so had all the new stuff was on the computer, and the old photos in boxes and drawers all over the house.

Since that weekend of scanning his own photos, the company has gone on to perfect the photo scanning service, ensuring we turn the orders around quickly, and the quality of scans are excellent. We use the best hardware and software available for bulk scanning and have a collection and return shipping service that works extremely well, allowing us to track our orders right the way back to you.

We operate from the Somerset town of Frome, often described by The Times as glamorous. If you are nearby or coming our way, you are more than welcome to drop your photos off during office hours, and decide for yourself how to classify our quirky town.

So, that’s us – Click2Scan. We like to think we are nice people providing a great service at an affordable price. We are easy to deal with, so place an order with confidence, and if you like what you have seen please tell your friends and family as well. Thanks for reading this and we hope we can work with you soon.

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